Small Business Email Marketing – How to Quickly Get More Sales Through Email

Small business email marketing is very much alive and thriving in the current global economy. Don’t let the naysayers put you off. People still use email marketing in their small business to great effect.

Email is still a sure fire way to communicate with your customers. Though for it to be effective you must still follow some golden rules

1. Use double optin

This might sound odd and yet it helps protect all companies from the spam laws. If you ever visit a website and decide to sign up for some useful information. The majority of small businesses will send a couple of emails to you asking you to confirm that you actually requested the information in the first place. To ensure this does not happen to you make sure you use this facility with your email provider.

2. Make communication relevant

Your small business email marketing campaign needs to be targeted and relevant to your audience. For instance if you are a solicitor make sure what you talk about is helpful to your subscribers and is what they might expect from a local law firm.

3. Do Not Make Every Email a Pitch

When I first started online no one had explained this one to me and I started to appreciate this as I went. Make sure you build your relationship first. Once you have established connection with your subscribers they will over time grow to love you and your business just treat them sweetly first.

Small business email marketing can take many forms with social networks enabling many owners to build large lists of fans. If you would like this to be you it really is possible with some planning and focus